Monday, January 17, 2011

Scriptures of Sanatana Dharma - Smritis

Smriti means memory and are writings devised to fix in memory, the practical use of the messages stated or implied in the Vedas. ‘Smritis ' embodies the teachings of Divine Incarnations or prophets, saints and sages. It is an explanation of the 'Srutis' ' Srutis ' are the revealed scriptures, as mentioned in the Vedas and ' Smritis ' are the commentaries and derived literatures, based on the messages of the Vedas; Some of the Smritis are in the form of Laws formulated by saints and sages for mankind. There are eighteen important Smritis. They are
1. Usana Smriti
2. Yanjavalkya Smriti
3. Vishnu Smriti
4. Manu Smriti
5. Angeerasa Smriti
6. Yama Smriti
7. Atri Smriti
8. Samvarththa Smriti
9. Bruhatparasara Smriti
10. Bruhaspati Smriti
11. Daksha Smriti
12. Saataatapa Smriti
13. Likhita Smriti
14. Vyasa Smriti
15. Parasara Smriti
16. Sanka Smriti
17. Gautama Smriti
18. Vasishta Smriti

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