Monday, January 17, 2011

Scriptures of Sanatana Dharma - Puranas

Origional Text
Puranas are compiled from related historical facts, which explain the teachings of the four Vedas. The Puranas explain the Vedic truths and are intended for different types of men. All men are not equal. There are men who are good, others who are driven by passion and others who are under the veil of ignorance. The Puranas are so divided that any class of men can take advantage of them and gradually regain their original nature and get out of the hard struggle for existence
There are eighteen Mahapuranas. They are
1. Vishnu Purana
2. Bhavishya Purana
3. Garuda Purana
4. Agni Purana
5. Mahabhagavata Purana
6. Siva Purana
7. Markandeya Purana
8. Linga Purana
9. Brahmavaivarththa Purana
10. Matsya Purana
11. Kurma Purana
12. Varaha Purana
13. Vamana Purana
14. Skanda Purana
15. Brahmaanda Purana
16. Patma Purana
17. Vayu Purana
18. Naradheeya Purana
There are eighteen Upa-puranas. They are
1. Samba Purana
2. Devibhagavata Purana
3. Kalika Purana
4. Lakhunaradheeya Purana
5. Harivamsa Purana
6. Vishnudharmmoththara Purana
7. Kalki Purana
8. Mulgala Purana
9. Aadhi Purana
10. Aathma Purana
11. Brahma Purana
12. Vishnudharma Purana
13. Narasimha Purana
14. Kriyaayoga Purana
15. Surya Purana
16. Bruhat Naradheeya Purana
17. Prushoththama Purana
18. Bruhat Vishnu Purana

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